Holistic massage

Improves circulation, relieves muscle tension/aches/pains, headaches, reduces stress/anxiety, increases energy, aids lymph drainage and improves skin, posture and your sleep.

I give intuitive massages focusing on areas in need of attention

Back, neck and shoulder

Whole Body massage.. or

You can cater your treatment to whatever area of your body requires attention.

Its your body and this is your time.

30 minutes - £25

60 minutes - £45

90 minutes - £65

120 minutes - £85



60 minutes - £45

90 minutes - £60

A powerful treatment with focus to clear

blockages within the energy system that can

manifest into imbalances in the physical and

emotional body. 



60 minutes - £40

Pressure is applied to points on the

feet that map your body which stimulates

healing for a large number of conditions. 

A powerful form of preventative medicine


Painless Spinal Touch Therapy

40 minutes - £30

A delicate treatment developed by Chiropractors to help align your spine bringing your centre

of gravity to its optimum position. A series of massage contact points stimulate the nervous

system guiding our postural muscles to pull our spine to its centre. Assessment of posture is

made before and after to determine treatment and the results.